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 Bill  Cusson  -- Chief of Police

Jeff McCoy  -- Assistant Chief of Police


Lt. Dusty Vickers  

Lt. Jimmy Wilson 

Lt. Micah Pierce 



Lt. Steve Gosney

Lt. Eric Home

Lt. Herman Williams

Sgt. Tony Harrison

Sgt. John Warmath

Sgt. Xavier Keys

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Patrol Division

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The Patrol Division of the Trenton Police Department is considered the "Backbone" of the department because of the duties and responsibilities they are held accountable for. 

The Patrol Division provides the 24 hour 7 days a week police patrol you see throughout the city each and every day.  They are charged with the responsibility of protecting the citizens of Trenton from crime and apprehending those individuals who are suspected of breaking federal laws, state laws or city ordinances. 


The primary objective of the Patrol Division is to deter criminal activity and to respond to calls for service.  This Division consists of 15 well trained officers who work on a permanent shift bases.  Each shift (days, evening and midnights) consist of a Lieutenant, who supervises the day to day operations of their respective shift, a sergeant and three patrol officers.


If you would like more information concerning the activities of a shift you may contact the day shift Lieutenant Mark Graves, the evening shift Lieutenant Ron Bennett or the midnight shift Lieutenant Dusty Vickers.


Unlike larger or metropolitan cities that have the ability to create a particular unit or special division.  Like a traffic division that would be assigned the duty of concentrating on speeders, working traffic accidents and other traffic related issues.  The Patrol Division is charged with working radar and traffic accidents and enforcement of other traffic related issues, such as directing traffic in school zones.


The Trenton Police Department has to rely on the Patrol Division to perform the vast amount of the responsibilities of the department.  They respond to calls for service and assist with other police related problems in addition to providing assistance in non police related issues, such as unlocking a car door or assisting a stranded motorist.  


They provide business and funeral escorts and provided extra patrol functions such as vacation house watch and extra patrol in a requested area.  These officers visit the schools and other businesses regularly.  They are also charged with responding and providing services to fire and medical emergencies.


They serve as courtroom security and bailiffs for the Trenton Municipal Court and are responsible for transporting prisoners to and from the Gibson County Correctional Complex, as well as other surrounding city and county complexes.


The Patrol Division is normally the first to arrive on the scene of a crime in progress, automobile crashes, domestic disturbances and other situations requiring immediate attention.  They start the initial investigation into many of these calls and are able to resolve the case without turning the case over to an investigator, which lightens the investigators case load.


In many cases it is the patrol officer who assists investigators with the information needed to help solve a case.  In addition the Patrol Division officers are charged with submitting a complete and detailed written report on most calls for service. 


The Patrol Division of the Trenton Police Department is the largest single division within the police department.  The men and women who serve this division are held accountable for the vast amount of the activities within the department.  Including the service of all warrants and legal documents issued out of the Trenton Municipal Court. 


Even with the tremendous amount of responsibility placed upon them and being held accountable for the enormous amount of duties.  They are proud to serve the citizens and visitors of the city each and everyday. These officers have a very difficult job, but they continue to strive for excellence each and everyday in the performance of their jobs.  They are to be commended for the outstanding job they do.


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