Traffic Complaint

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Trenton Police Department
 Traffic Enforcement Request
If you live within the City Limits of Trenton, and you are having a particular on-going problem with traffic on your street and would like for the Trenton Police Department to conduct routine traffic enforcement of your area, please notify the department by submitting the following form.  It may take up to 24 hours to process your request.  If you are having an immediate problem, please call 855-1413.
                          In an emergency call 911


 Type of Traffic Problem: 
Speeding:    Running Stop Sign:   Loud Music:
Other Type:
Exact Location of Problem:

 Please explain type of problem that is occurring:

Particular vehicle(s) causing a problem:
Year: Make: Model: Color:
                       Tag #: State:
Year: Make: Model: Color:
                       Tag #: State:
Year: Make: Model: Color:
                       Tag #: State:


Is there a particular time of day or night that the problem is occurring?
Yes   No  If YES what time?:

Can the Trenton Police Department use your driveway (if needed) to conduct
the traffic enforcement?  Yes  No

When you press Submit Form, this request will be sent to the
           Chief of Police - Trenton Police Department.

E-Mail Addr.
Running Stop Sign
Loud Music
Other Type Problem
Location of Problem 1
Location of Problem 2
Year 1
Make 1
Model 1
Color 1
Tag # 1
State 1
Year 2
Model 2
Color 2
Tag # 2
State 2
Year 3
Make 3
Model 3
Color 3
Tag # 3
State 3
Is there a time of day or night it occurs? YES
Is there a particular time of day or night it accurs? NO
If what time:
You can use my driveway
You cannot use my driveway
Explain Type of Problem