Security Request While on Vacation


Trenton Tennessee Police Department

Request Property Check while on Vacation

If you live within the City of Trenton, TN and you are leaving on vacation and you would like for the Trenton Police Department to conduct routine security checks of your residence, please notify the department by submitting the following form.  You will be notified by e-mail when the Trenton Police Department receives the request.  It may take up to 48 hours to process the application.

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  Do You Have an Alarm Service?  Yes    No

  Alarm Co. Name & Phone:

   Lights left on?  Yes   No  

 Newspaper/Mail Stopped?  Yes   No

 Doors/Windows Locked?  Yes   No

 Pets? Inside the house? Yes   No    Outside the house? Yes  No

 If keys left with anyone please list name, address, and telephone

  Description of all vehicles left on property

 Will anyone be around the home? Yes  No

 If yes, Who:

 Contact Infomation where you can be reached





In case of emergency - Do you wish to be notified by COLLECT CALL?

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Please read the following before submitting to this form...

The Trenton Police Department, as per your request, will check your residence periodically.  Neither the City of Trenton, nor the Trenton Police Department assume any liability in the event of theft, loss or damage to personal or real property in or around your residence. By pressing the submit button, it is understood and agreed that neither the City of Trenton or the Trenton Police Department assumes any liability with the "Vacation House Check". The homeowner by accepting the "Vacation House Check", and by execution of this request understands and agrees to the provisions of this release.


Date/Time Leaving
Date/Time Returning
Home Phone
Cell Phone
E-Mial Address
Alarm Service Yes
Alarm Service No
Alarm Co. Name & Phone
Lights on- Yes
Lights left on - No
Newspaper/Mail Yes
Newspaper/Mail Stopped - No
Doors/Windows Locked - Yes
Doors/Windows Locked? No
Pets Inside the House -Yes
Pets Inside the House - No
Pets Outside - Yes
Pets Outside - No
Keys left with someone-Name, Addr, Telephone
Vehicles left on property
Anyone be around the home- Yes
Anyone be around the home - No
Who will be around the house.
Contact Info - Location
Contact Info. - Addr
Contact Info. - City/State/zip
Contact Info. - Phone
Emergencey Call Collect - Yes
Emergency Collect Call - No
Local Emergency Contact Person
Local Emergency -- Addr
Local Emergency Contact - City/State/Zip
Local Emergency Contact Person - Phones
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