Narcotic Complaint

Narcotic Complaint

 Trenton Police Depatrment

Narcotic Complaint Form

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Use this form to report narcotics activity or drug dealers that you observe in the City of Trenton. The information you provide will help the Trenton Police Department successfully respond to the problem of drug trafficking in your community. Please be observant and complete as much of the form as possible. You may submit this form as often as is necessary.

The information you submit will be forwarded to the Special Enforcement Unit for further investigation and enforcement. Investigators from this unit may contact you for additional information if you elect to provide your name in the space provided below. If you elect to remain anonymous, however, be assured that the information you provide will be acted upon.

In any case, all information will be held in STRICT CONFIDENCE.

Thank you for helping us help you.
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 Narcotic Information

(Please use the tab button to advance from one field to the next. 
Hitting the return or enter key will automatically submit the form.)

Location Information

Exact street address where dealing occurs:

 Check all that apply:  Street      Rear Driveway    From Vehicle    Inside Premises

  Other, If Other, Describe :    

 Where are drugs hidden?:

 Have you seen guns at this loaction?:     Yes

 Are there dogs inside these premises?:  Yes

Are the doors reinforced or gated?:       Yes

Are the windors reinforced or gated?:   Yes

Describe how the drug sale occurs:  

Drug Activity
    Hours of the day with HEAVIEST traffic (Indicate a.m. or p.m.):

     Day of Week with HEAVIEST traffic: 

Drug Activity Nature

                             Primary Drug:  
      If other, please describe:   

Vehicles Used
                           Model Name:  
                         Vehicle Color:  
                         License State:  
                     License Number:  
                     Unique Features: 

Dealer Identity
                 Dealer First Name:  

                  Dealer Last Name: 
                   Dealer Nickname: 
                             Dealer Age: 
                                Dealer Race:  
                             Dealer Sex: 
                    Unique Features: 
                       Dealer Address:
                         Dealer Phone:  
                Dealer Other Phone: 

Your Information
            This information is optional.
  Your confidentiality is assured. 
It will only be used by us if we have any questions.
                    Your First Name: 

                     Your Last Name: 
                         Your Address: 
                      Daytime Phone: 
                             Cell Phone: 

Street were dealing occurs
Dealing on Street
Dealing rear driveway
Dealing from vehicle
Dealing Inside Premises
Dealing Other
Yes I have seen Guns at this location
There are dogs on premises
Are doors reinforced/gated
Windors reinforced/gated
Hours of day with HEAVIEST traffic
Vehicles Manufacture
Vehicles Model
Vehicles Color
License State
License Number
Vehicle Unique Features
Dealer First Name
Dealer Last Name
Dealer Nickname
Dealer Age
Dealer Addr
Dealer Phone
Dealer Other Phone
Person Reporting's First Name
Person Reporting's Last Name
Person Reporting's Addr
Daytime Phone
Cel Phone
Where are drugs hidden
How the drug sale occurs
Description of Other Drugs
Dealers Features