2015 News Letters

2015 News Letters or Notices

MAYOR’S NOTES 11-07-2015


I pray everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I hope you were able to spend this time with your family and friends to give THANKS for everything good in your life. Pretty soon now it will be Christmas and another time for giving Thanks and spending time with family and friends. Also, remember the real reason for the season and that is our Lord Jesus Christ. Let’s please not forget him in this time of celebration.


Remember, when you are out there buying those Xmas presents and Santa gifts that we do our best to shop local for as much of these items as we possibly can. I know you won’t be able to buy everything on the list, but let’s do the best that we can. For every $1 spent in Trenton it returns $5. There’s lots of things going on in the City of Trenton between now and Xmas so let’s enjoy them. 

The Annual City Stew will be December 16th from 11AM – 1PM in the Fire Dept. Come on out and enjoy a bowl of good stew and fellowship with other citizens of this great city. Don’t forget the date and I look forward to seeing you there. 

One last thing!! I want to give a shout-out to the Peabody Golden Tide football team, coaches, band, cheerleaders, managers, sponsors and fans for another wonderful year, and we as a city are so proud of you. THANK YOU!!! 

Christmas Office Hours for the City of Trenton are as follows: 

December 23rd Closed ½ day 

December 24th Closed All Day 

December 25th Closed All Day 

January      1st, 2016 Closed All Day 


Until Next Time, 



October is here and that means property taxes, city stickers and the falling of leaves. Property taxes and city stickers go on sale from October 1, 2015 to February 29, 2016. That’s right, it’s a leap year in 2016. So remember, penalties and interest go into effect on March 1, 2016 for these things. One change this year to purchasing your city sticker(s), we are requiring that you bring in your registration for your vehicle(s). This will have the correct information for the staff to fill out to include name, address, license number, and make and model of vehicle. I hope this will not inconvenience the customer too bad, that is why I am getting this out early so tell your friends and neighbors about this so everyone will have these documents. 

If you didn’t get to attend Music on The Square, you missed a treat. Good food, good fellowship and good music was in abundance during the month of September. Tony Burriss and his band of merry men and women did another wonderful job coordinating this event again this year and I really appreciate them and their hard work. 

On October the 17th, the Trenton Healthcare Foundation will be having The Harvest of Hope Gala at the First Presbyterian Church. We have not had one since 2013. There will be entertainment, a silent auction and a delightful meal. So make plans to attend this festive event. 

If you need to talk to me, just pick up the phone or come by the office to see me. I may not be in the office every second of the day, but if I’m not there leave me a message and I will get back to you very soon. 

Until next time, 



Ricky Jackson, Mayor

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MAYOR’S NOTES  04-17-2015


Teapot Festival Time is upon us and I hope you are looking forward to a fun filled week here in the County Seat of Gibson Co, our very own Trenton TN.  It should be an exciting week with something to do every day and night of the week.  Let’s get out and enjoy as many of the festivities that we can and make it the best festival ever.  The committee has worked hard on this endeavor for a year now and I think we owe them a great deal of gratitude and we can show them how much we appreciate them by our presence at the events of the week.


On Monday, the 27th of April from 11AM-1PM, we want you to come by and congratulate the Parade Marshall at the Teapot Room in the municipal building.  After you have congratulated this year’s recipient and looked at the TEAPOTS, we really would like for you to take in the new look of the municipal building with a walk-through.  This will not take but a little of your time and may in later dates clear up some confusion of how the building is set-up and how you get to a specific office. 




Ricky Jackson, Mayor 4-17-2015

* * * * * * * * * * *




Well,  Spring is here and the weather has turned for the good.  I hope everyone is enjoying this sunshine and you are able to get out and work in your yard or garden, whichever is your desire.  Speaking of yards, it is the first of April and the Teapot Festival is just around the corner and that is our time to show our visitors just how pretty Trenton really is, so I hope everyone is getting their yards in shape and putting their teapot signs up.  It should be a good week. 


Our leaf truck guys have gone back to work in the cemetery so the truck is not running right now.  If you still have leaves, please try to bag them up and put them on the side of the street and our street guys will get them and get them a lot faster.  Our leaf truck will possibly be out again but it will be when they can’t work in the cemetery and it will be a slower process of picking them up.  Your help is appreciated in this endeavor.


Well, the municipal building renovation is 99.9% complete.  Our Teapot Museum is again open and going full blast for any and everyone who wishes to view the teapots.  We are apologetic for the inconvenience and confusion during construction time.


If you have driven the south part of town, you will see that site work is being done for the new Medical Center which we hope to be complete in late November or early December.  This is a good thing for Trenton, TN. 


In case you didn’t know, there is a Flea Market held the second weekend of the month at the fairgrounds.  I haven’t been able to attend yet but I hear there is lots of stuff  and the crowds have been large also.


Check the paper for upcoming events at the Freed House.  Lanny Poteet Jr has had several events this spring and has several more planned for the summer.  I know he would appreciate your participation. 


Last but not least, SPRUCE UP THE SQUARE DAY is April 11th beginning about 8AM.  The Master Gardener’s will head up this operation, but anyone is invited to help.  We will be cleaning the beds and mulching them so come on out and I’m sure there will be something for you to do.




Ricky Jackson, Mayor

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