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Business Name:Holly Tree Manor LLC
Owner(s):Barbara Hearn Smith & James C. Smith
Business Address:397 Old Trenton-Eaton Road, Trenton, TN 38382
Telephone Number(s): (731) 855-0169
E-Mail Address(s):

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Holly Tree Manor, located just outside Trenton, Tennessee, in Gibson County, is a lovely family home of Greek Revival style situated on 18 acres of beautiful Tennessee farmland with many plants, flowers and trees. Foremost among the colorful and interesting flora are the over 200 holly trees which line the driveway. Other holly trees are scattered over the property.

The house has always been a family residence and in Trenton is still referred to by most as "the old Harwood place", although several other families have called it home over the years. It is now the home of Barbara Hearn Smith and her husband Jim Smith, their three dogs, three cats, and two horses.Built around 1900, the big white structure is adorned with dark green shutters, a green metal roof, and a decorative white porch railing.

The interior of the house includes original hardwood floors, high ceilings, and floor to ceiling windows. Modern features include ceiling fans and air conditioning. The kitchen and baths also have been modernized with up-to-date plumbing and lighting. Antique mahogany, walnut and oak pieces are located throughout the house, as are other traditional furnishings. Guest rooms include a living room, a dining room, two spacious bedrooms with a shared bath, a suite of two rooms with a private bath, and a hallway with a sitting area and a large, flat-screen television. An extensive library also is available for the browsing pleasure of the guests.

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A large airy gazebo with a matching green, metal roof sits next to the house, and offers, as does the spacious front porch of the house, beautiful views of the garden, the wildlife, and the country vista, including many acres of cotton fields. The balcony on the second floor also offers interesting views of the adjoining countryside. In other words, Holly Tree Manor is truly a place of peace and tranquility in the country, and the small number of guest accommodations creates an atmosphere that encourages conversation and friendship to flourish among the guests and hosts.

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Holly Tree Manor became a Bed and Breakfast as so many Elvis fans over the years have expressed an interest in meeting Barbara. To accommodate them, she and her husband decided recently to abandon their plans for a leisurely, laid back, do nothing retirement to open their home to Elvis fans worldwide, We mention this for in 1956 and 1957, Barbara and Elvis were friends. In fact, such close friends that she was referred to as a "frequent companion of Elvis Presley." Referred to so often that she used to joke that no matter what wonderful things she might accomplish in life, "frequent companion of Elvis Presley" would probably figure prominently in her obituary. Now, after raising their three children, Barbara and Jim are looking forward to meeting Elvis fans, getting to know them, and reminiscing about her Elvis years. Of course, while the Bed and Breakfast will primarily welcome Elvis fans during January and August, if given ample advance notice, the residence can accommodate Elvis fans and other guests throughout the year.

Afternoon tea is offered around 4:00 p.m. in the dining room or the living room for guests to gather for refreshments and conversation; home baked treats and specialty items are the norm along with tea, coffee or juice. A delicious and ample breakfast also is served every morning in the dining room on a Jacobean trestle table, ca. 1600.

Holly Tree Manor is also available for weddings and receptions.

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Business Address: 111 Street, Trenton, TN 38382

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