Area Attractions

Area Attractions 

Humboldt's Strawberry Festival                         First Full Week in May
Trenton Teapot Festival                                                 Week Before Humboldt's Strawberry Festival
Dyer Station Celebration                                                Week of July 4th
Rutherford Dave Crockett Day    (Rutherford)    1st Full week of Oct.
Bradford Doodle Soup Festival                               September (Check Local Papers)  
Gibson County Fair (Trenton)                                
Check paper or Call City Hall 855-2013  
Milan No Till
                                                                    Check Local Papers
Fall Folklore Jamboree                                                    Check Local Papers
ctober 18
International Washer Pitchin Competition (Yorkville)  August 16   
Medina 4th of July Celebration
                             July 4
Haunted Trail                                                        October 24,25,27,31 (Check Local Papers)
Nite Lite Theater (Trenton)                                    Check Web-Site     

M u s e u m s

Milan, TN  ***
West Tennessee Agriculture Museum (Milan)
Rare Book Museum (Milan)

Trenton, TN  ***
Sports Hall of Fame (Trenton)
Freed House (Trenton)
Teapot Museum (Trenton)

Humboldt, TN  ***
Strawberry Festival Museum (Humboldt)
Frog Collection Museum (Humboldt)
West Tennessee Regional Art Museum (Humboldt)
Ethnic Museum (Humboldt)

Dyer, TN  ***
Pioneer Home Place (Dyer)

Rutherford, TN  ***
Davy Crockett Museum (Rutherford)